Co-Founder  //  Commercial Lead

Sam came up with the idea of TheBerlinClub. whilst studying at university in 2017.

Working with multiple startups gave Sam the motivation to capture the stories & spirit of those trying to build something on their own.


Director  //  Project Lead

Ollie has a talent for telling stories. Even more so when those stories have the potential to deeply resonate with others.

Helped by a wealth of business experience, Ollie is adept at spotting talent & creativity. He is also our resident expert on the latest developments affecting industries across the board.


Co-Founder  //  Technical Lead

James believes strongly in the power of helping others, particularly through story-telling.

This is reflected through our company, where James helps build the platforms TheBerlinClub. uses to share its content, with the aim of cultivating the next generation of creatives.


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