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 // Don’t compromise ... if you   do it early, you will do it   forever ... // 

Singer-songwriter Billy Blond talks to us about finding music, overcoming personal struggles including an incurable eye disease & his future aims in the industry. “If you release something that’s not you, you will feel ...


6 minute read

 // Success is 50% drive, 50%   talent ... the key is to keep   your drive // 

A bustling hotel in North West London is the venue for Edinburgh-born singer-songwriter Callum Beattie to chat to us about his rise from stage invading an R.E.M. gig & blagging his way into ...


3 minute read

 // I discovered my true passion   is overcoming challenges ... // 

In a bar near bustling Oxford Circus, we caught up with emerging UK rapper Kirby Forest for an insight into his distinctive sound, how he plans to build on his current success & how exposure to American ...


4 minute read

 // When you have a focus, you   feel better ... // 

In a café a short distance from King’s Cross station, singer Paige Cavell speaks to us about the pleasure she gets from performing, her motivations & what she strives to achieve in the future ...

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