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// If you are scared to fail, you won’t even try ... //

24-year-old multi-talented singer, songwriter & actress Herizen Guardiola talks to us about her life growing up, making music, working on a Netflix show & her next steps ...


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// If you do what you love, it’s not really a job anymore is it ... ? //

Cameron Edwards, AKA Cam, one half of award-winning British drum & bass duo Sigma, talks to us about developing a taste for music, growth & what the future may hold for him & his music partner in crime Joe ...


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// I plan to just keep telling my story, I still have a lot to say through my music ... //

Emerging Swedish pop-singer Svea Kågemark, stylised as SVEA, chats with TheBerlinClub to discuss what inspired her to get involved in singing & writing music, challenges & what the future holds ...


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// The thing that will give you longevity in business is authenticity ... //

Rising artist Jamie Hannah talks to us about his roots as a classically trained singer to duetting with pop star Boy George. “Just trust in the journey, some people will try to intrude & take you in other directions, but you need ...


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// The more you work hard ... the likelihood is you will grow into your profession //

Brighton born singer-songwriter Freddie Long talks his late start in music, ups, downs & future. Freddie continues, “There will be moments of self-doubt in whatever you do, but the more ...


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// The little quirks ... ultimately that is what will get you somewhere //

Singer-songwriter ABISHA talks to us about moving from Devon to London to start her life in the music industry, difficulties & the future. She continues, “The little quirks, things that people think are weird  ...


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// As long as you are working hard ... you will end up in a good place... //

London-based collective Joseph Lawrence & The Garden, made up of singer Joseph & instrumentalist Gibbi, discuss getting involved in music & the highs / lows of writing & performing. Joseph continues ...


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// No matter what, it comes down   to the music, so making what   you love is important ... //

American pop artist Ariana and the Rose talks to us about her journey from starting out in acting to writing music with millions of streams & views, what it takes to be an artist, challenges & her future in the industry ...

SA Zeiner.

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// If you can’t be positive now,   you won’t reach where you want   to get in the future ... //

Musician SA Zeiner, AKA Sigrid Zeiner, speaks to us about her path in music thus far, the value of a positive mindset & her career goals. “Positive thinking is important. I know being in a negative mindset will ...


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// Life is all about making   decisions, you have that chance   every single day ... //

The Peacock Gym in East London is the setting for TheBerlinClub to sit down with the imposing WBA Cruiserweight Intercontinental Champion Richard Riakporhe to discuss life in the squared circle ...


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// Never give up & be sure to   stay true to yourself ... //

We speak with Alex Flockhart, Mads Christensen & Mette Mortensen, the trio of producers who make up Danish pop group Off Bloom, who tell us about their path in music so far ...


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// Collaboration is key, work   with as many people as possible   ... //

We sat down with One Bit, consisting of production duo Joe Murphy & Jonty Howard to discuss how they started out in music, the challenges faced, successes & what we should expect from ...


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 // You have to know what you   want & be able to tell others   ... // 

Hailing from a Spanish island with British parents, talented musician XNilo discusses the journey to his present-day career, his unique sound, battling personal struggles & his excitement for the future ...

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