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Interview: Sam // Words: Ollie

“Hardworking people will go far…”

Emerging Swedish pop-singer Svea Kågemark, stylised as SVEA, chats with TheBerlinClub to discuss what inspired her to get involved in singing & writing music, challenges & what the future holds.

“You just have to work hard in whatever you do. I rehearse a lot & that gives me the confidence to go out & perform to the best of my ability” she continues.


Starting In Sweden. //

Born & raised in Stockholm, the talented SVEA describes her background: “I grew up with my parents & two younger brothers. They were not into music, but I’ve always had an interest, especially singing. I have been to two different music schools & used to sing in church”.

Having started singing very young, the half-Greek singer first broke out onto the scene when she began releasing videos on social media: “When I was 10 or 11, I started posting covers on YouTube. My mum encouraged me to get myself out there when she heard my voice, so she even helped make the music videos. I did that for 2 years before I went to music school in seventh grade. My best friend at the time showed the videos to her mum & her mum showed it to her co-worker’s brother who was a producer. A few years later he asked if I wanted to try & sing in a commercial, but unfortunately my voice wasn’t the young girl’s voice he was looking for anymore as it had matured, but we started talking & that’s when he introduced me to another guy who worked at Universal, who then subsequently introduced me to my manager. She asked if I had ever written music & that’s when my career really got moving”.


Writing Music. //

SVEA says, “I didn’t write music when I was younger, this only came to me a couple of years ago. When my manager first asked me if I had written music, I said it’s not really my thing, but after going to some sessions, I realised there was a new side of music I had never discovered previously. It was like a whole new world when I finally started writing my own songs, I was connecting with music in a way I had never done before”.

Despite releasing her first single two years ago, she admits that it wasn’t all plain sailing to this point. Explaining, “When I was younger, I tried to write my own songs using a piano & guitar unsuccessfully. I felt quite insecure because people didn’t trust my ability at first. I have also been deeply depressed at points in my life & I used to hurt myself, so it was extra tough to have this imposter syndrome on top of my general anxiety”.

Detailing how she responded to this challenge, the Rytmus Music High School graduate continues, “When I met the right people who really listened to me in terms of what I wanted to write about, namely a producer & songwriter, I realised there is no right or wrong in music & you don’t have to do everything by yourself. In fact, I find more people is better as there is greater energy in the room. When I am tired, someone else can plug the gaps & inspire me. I used to go to therapy sessions to deal with my depression, but now I use music to express myself”.


Finding Her Place. //

Having experienced a challenging fight against depression, SVEA is keen to use her music to give people energy & spread positive vibes: “I always write a lot about self-love. It is something I have always worked on myself, so it is important to me. A lot of my music has sass to it…they are powerful, strength-giving, uplifting songs which make people feel good about themselves”.

Her development is ongoing however & she states she is still finding her rhythm: “I have begun to write more earnestly recently as I look within myself to find inspiration. I am also still quite young, so I am only beginning to own what I am, an artist. I used to have incredibly bad stage fright a few years ago & I couldn’t even imagine being a performer, but now I find it the most fun thing to do, so I know I still have further development to come”.


Next Up. //

With that development still ongoing, the young Swede is clear on her direction. When asked about her future, she states: “I plan to just keep telling my story, I still have a lot to say through my music. I hope in the next few years people get to know me even better”.

Talking more immediately, she continues, “2020 is about showing more of myself & then hopefully next year I can tour. In the next few months, I am going to release a lot of new music, including another EP. You can expect a few slower songs before Christmas too!”.


Epilogue. //

We conclude the interview with SVEA talking about what advice she would give to herself when she was younger. She reflects, “I used to put a lot of pressure on myself, but I think I am able now to let go of that pressure & just rely on myself. I think I would tell myself to trust my ability more”.

At just 20-years-old, SVEA still has a wealth of time to develop & we are excited to see this journey continue as she is sure to grow both as a person & as an artist.

SVEA’s new single ‘All My Exes’ is out now

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