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Interview: Sam // Words: Ollie

“If you can’t be positive now, you won’t reach where you want to get in the future…”

Musician SA Zeiner, AKA Sigrid Zeiner, speaks to us about her path in music thus far, the value of a positive mindset & her career goals.

“Positive thinking is important. I know being in a negative mindset will hinder me from moving forward” she adds.


Oslo to London. //

A trained classical singer & theatre performer, the Oslo-born singer-songwriter had an interest in performance art from an early age: “I was always interested in music. I started singing around age 5 & was taking private lessons when I was 11. I sang in musical theatre, I joined an all-girls choir…I was doing a variety of things”.

Sigrid recalls a few moments around this time, including travelling with the choir to a festival in Italy, but it was a few years later when music became even more deep-rooted within the Norwegian’s path: “I got into music high school & was taught classical & jazz. It was around this time I met my band & we started writing together, playing pop stuff. I always wrote by myself before then & never really got anywhere with it, so to be part of a group of likeminded people was very good for me”.

However, notwithstanding pursuing music at this time, things were not as clear cut as they might otherwise have appeared. She explains, “I was convinced I was actually going to become a psychologist. I found the subject fascinating & am obsessed with it to this day. I didn’t feel I belonged in classical & I wasn’t sure I was good enough to make it as a writer, so I aimed at an academic career. After high school, I took a gap year & went to study, applying to psychology & music in London because I couldn’t decide. I got into music & that was it!”.

Despite having her route shaped by this admission, SA Zeiner was keen to have a fall-back option in the risky, high pressured world of music: “I did end up doing a business degree part time, as well as my full-time study of music. My family were supportive, but they are not in pure creative roles…they are academic & work in business, so I was nervous about setting myself up for a job in music, without a backup”.

Needless to say, this backup has not been needed as the gifted musician continues to make waves in the scene.


Highs, Lows & Still To Happen. //

“I love collaborating. Every time I work with someone new, I write in a different way because everyone has a different ear. It’s also interesting to see what you bring to the writing sessions” she says excitedly.

Speaking about other high points, the singer says: “There have been a few times when bigger artists have been interested in my songs & given positive feedback, which has been nice”. Pinpointing a specific moment, she adds, “This summer I played in Oslo on a big stage in front of an amazing crowd. That was great, because it was in my hometown & I usually play smaller stages in London”.

When asked about challenges, she replies: “A few years ago I moved back to Oslo, before 3 years ago returning to London. When I was working in a shop in Oslo not doing music, I missed being in London with my friends, who were developing careers in the industry & I felt I was missing opportunities. I think if I wasn’t as stubborn, I wouldn’t be here now doing what I love”.

Looking ahead, SA Zeiner has a clear ethos, namely “staying in London, writing & releasing more music that connects with people”, but is conscious to not be set in her ways: “There are lots of different ways of having success. I don’t want to get stuck on one, so now my focus is just continuing to do what I am passionate about & making something of all the opportunities I have been presented. I have an idea of how I want to get there, but I am flexible. I don’t want to be narrow minded, because being set in the way you want to do things can exclude you from finding opportunity”.


Epilogue. //

We wrap up the interview with SA Zeiner offering her advice to up & coming artists: “You just have to persevere, otherwise you will not make it. This means rehearsing as much as possible to perfect your work, but also you must find a balance in life”.

The cheerful, motivated SA Zeiner is an artist on the up & we look forward to seeing how she continues to use her enthusiasm & talent for music to progress over the next few years.

SA Zeiner’s new EP ‘The Only Scars I’ve Got I Got In My Sleep’ is out now

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