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Widely tipped for success, TheBerlinClub. caught up with this international electric-pop trio for an insight into how they cut through the noise, handle stage fright & keep real to their roots.

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Interview: Sam // Words: Ollie

“If you believe in what you do, that’s all that matters really…”

That was our favourite soundbite from Marion, the Norwegian lead vocalist of the up & coming electronic pop trio Rumours. Making up the group beside her are Italians Mark & Fede; the former with a focus on developing the soulful chords & entrancing lyrics, the latter energising drums & classy production.

In a pub where Lenin & Trotsky met to discuss overthrowing the tyrannical rule of the Russian Tsar, the three music students reveal how they have set about creating their own revolution since forming in 2015, throwing up the rules of music convention with their hypnotic sound originating from a studio in a house where they all lived. “You’re getting the blunt truth here” Marion confesses.


Growing Up & Discovering Music. //

“I had no idea what I wanted to do growing up. I always loved music since I was very young, but I had crazy stage fright…I tried to be in a few theatre productions at school but my fear of performing always ruined it for me” admits Marion. She discloses she still gets nervous but reflects, “the more you do it, the better you get at it & I think once you stop being nervous is when you shouldn’t do it anymore…you get nervous because you care!”

Fede empathises, “I had a similar experience when I was younger. I started playing drums at 17 when I stopped playing basketball. I performed to large crowds & it was pretty scary as I didn’t have much experience.”

Fede is from the same small city as Mark - Reggio Emilia, a relatively small city in northern Italy. “If you want to be a musician, it’s not the best” says Mark. Both men had similar upbringings with family members, in contrast to Marion, pushing their artistic sides to develop, unsurprising with dancers & musicians as relatives.


Being Unsigned In London. //

“I met Mark & Fede in my first year of university after moving here. They were already gigging but for me, having a career in music was still one of those things where I wasn’t sure that I could do it or that I would be able to so I thought if I study it will give me some time to figure it out…it’s taken me quite a while to get to the position where I know I’m a musician & I can do this” says Marion.

If convincing yourself wasn’t hard enough, convincing the music scene to stand up & take notice is as much, if not more of a struggle. Mark reveals, “It’s difficult, to cut through you need to be consistent & on top of your game at all times…as soon as you’re quiet someone else steps in & living in a place this expensive kind of gets in the way if you’re not making big revenue obviously”.

“The biggest challenge is getting noticed. There are so many good artists, cutting through the noise is tricky & you need to invest money, it’s like any other business” says Fede.

“So you REALLY have to like what you do” Marion adds.


Making It All Worthwhile. //

Whilst Rumours have varied backgrounds & a wide-ranging, eclectic mix of musical preferences, it is their shared passion to write & produce songs together in the face of what they describe as an “eternal hustle” which has driven their growing success.

“When something in the studio happens, in that moment it gives you hope. You realise in any instant you can create something that changes the world for you. You have that power” Mark states. While the stark realities of what is an uncompromising business may be a burden, moments of uplifting magic are never too far away.

“I guess it’s one of those things you start to appreciate the more you do, you realise that people travel to listen to you play, you want to perform well for those people that spend their time listening to you…it’s a special thing when you look at it like that” Marion adds. “We’ve had our ups & downs, releases gone well & not so well - it’s been a learning curve for us. We’ve tested the market with different types of music, production, writing & it’s taken us time to get to know who we really are, now we feel really good”.

Fede agrees, “It’s all a process, we’ve all developed personally & professionally through the project but it’s taken time & hard work to get success”.


Looking Forwards. //

“The future looks really exciting!” Marion declares with great enthusiasm. However, in a more pragmatic tone she continues: “in the beginning our first song did really well and we got excited about every little thing…now we still get excited, but I feel like we’ve become a lot more reflective about things and we go, that’s great, but what can we do next? I guess we’ve become a little bit more realistic. It’s great you get the attention, but people can forget you just as easily with social media and the internet. It’s getting easier to get your songs out there, but we’ve realised you’re only really as good as your last song”.

Fede is clear on the future of the group: “We’re all musicians in the end, making music & performing is what we do”.

“We’re all told through school and growing up how difficult it’s going to be & some days are bad, you hate everything you create…but we now kind of see it as whatever we put in, we’re hoping to get out” Marion summarises.


Epilogue. //

On that profound note, we left Marion, Fede & Mark discussing social currency, the changing consumption of music, love of record stores & vinyl before a heated debate on the importance of radio with Marion concluding, “Things matter & then they don’t. Things are cool…and then they’re not. You have to get with change!”

In one of the most highly competitive industries, Rumours are a collective taking this all in their stride, committed to the daily grind & allowing their passion to guide them.

Rumours new single ‘Lights Down’ is out now.

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