The up & coming music creative Paige Cavell talked to TheBerlinClub. about her background, her current hustle & the exciting future ahead. 

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“When you have a focus, you feel better…”

In a café a short distance from King’s Cross station, singer Paige Cavell speaks to us about the pleasure she gets from performing, her motivations & what she strives to achieve in the future. 

“Song writing is my outlet” she continues. 


Finding Her Sound. //

“I knew from an early age I wanted to entertain. I went to a normal school, but I also went to stage school. I acted, I danced, I sang…I just loved performing!” she states with an infectious enthusiasm.


Onwards from the age of 5, the emerging musician found herself involved in dance crews, after-school clubs & performing at the weekends. She explains, “When I got older, I knew I really needed to focus on one thing if I was to get somewhere. I chose singing & I have had no doubts since”.

While receiving vocal coaching to enhance her natural musical prowess, Paige was simultaneously still in education. She reveals how a chance event during this time gave her the big break she craved: “As I got past GCSE’s, I knew I didn’t want to study anymore, but my mum wanted me to get a degree. I went to ACM in Guildford just to keep her happy. ACM had retweeted a post by Xenomania before I joined – they were looking for female vocalists aged 16-24. It was fate I suppose…the place I ended up studying tweeting about the people I ended up working with!”. 

After sending in an application & auditioning, Paige has since gone on to release her debut EP through the record producer, who have worked with global talents such as Kylie Minogue, The Saturdays & The Sugababes. However, the process to get to this point was far from smooth. “I spent 2 years working out my sound at Xenomania. There were non-stop days, trying out different things & having help with my song writing. I used to have confidence only singing & found writing lyrics a chore, but now I find it exciting” she discloses. Catchy, pop tune ‘Figure It Out’ is a testament to that. 

Citing powerhouse female vocalists Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Britney Spears & Whitney Houston as inspirations, it is no surprise Paige’s style & sound have themselves manifested into ‘pop diva’ territory. Paige is however keen to showcase her wide-ranging capability as she progresses in her career: “I like making people feel something or influencing people, but my writing is shaped by my mood & my songs can vary because of it. I can write an RnB tune, a ballad, an uplifting song…I don’t want to be pinned down to a genre, I would find that suffocating. I think artists are more interesting when they spice it up & the best are their own genre…their voice brings together their songs”.


Highs & Lows. //

As with any job, Paige Cavell has had her ups & downs. When asked about the hardest part of getting to where she is now, on the cusp of breaking through into the upper echelons of the industry, she says: “Struggling to get dates or venues is really tough when you are an up & coming artist. There is also a frustration of having to wait for the right moments to release music. When I first started out, I used to find it so torturous to have created something, but not have the chance to share it with the world. Now I see it as a blessing in disguise, because I would not have been ready to handle what comes with releasing music back then”.

Speaking on what she has enjoyed most in her burgeoning career, Paige adds: “I think just the fact of having an outlet is what I love the most. I used song writing as a way of recovering from a family member passing away when I was younger…it became my way of coping. In anyone’s life, it is good to have an outlet, letting it out is the best way. It also takes the pressure off a little, because I am not sitting down & saying let’s write a hit song. I am writing for my own benefit & if it’s a good song, then even better”. 

As well as the high of using creativity to de-stress, Paige also says the excitement of the future is what keeps her happy: “When I had my first release, I was nervous, but now I get excited. Managing my ambition will be key, but I want every song I produce to be better than the last. I have seen the improvement in my song writing over the years & it feels amazing. There is a real joy from singing what you have written, because they are your words & if you can connect people who have the same feelings, it makes that even sweeter”.


Targets. //

That hunger for connection is something that Paige is keen to point to as one of her goals: “Minus all the materialistic rewards, I want a fanbase that feel connected to me. I try & reply to everyone that reaches out on social media. I think if they have taken their time, I will give them some of mine”.

Explaining where this interest is derived from, she continues: “I have felt lost at times in my life. Being in a group, or in this case a fanbase, makes you feel attached to something. It can give you a purpose, so if I can generate that for others, even in a small way, I will do so”.

Alongside this commendable aim, the songstress admits she does have a passion to achieve critical acclaim: “Of course, while I am driven by a deeper purpose, I love performing so singing at the likes of the O2 Arena, Madison Square Garden or the Brit Awards would be amazing. Why not dream big?”.

To carve out a pathway to such lofty heights, Paige is under no illusion this will be a difficult task. “The next steps for me are simply to just keep releasing. I think people’s attention spans are short in our generation, so it is my responsibility to provide them with new content. I have lots of stuff which is unreleased though, so I am in a good place!” she asserts. 


Epilogue. //

Finishing off the interview, Paige shares her thoughts with us on the development of the music scene, talking about the evolution of the charts & physical ownership of music. “I miss it enough to still have a vinyl player!” she jokes. 

When asked for advice to developing talent, Paige replies: “I think finding something that allows you to escape can help you be more creative. I used to be the biggest overthinker, but now when I work out, it clears my head & I feel able to tackle things. Sharing your problems with others is also important. It is crucial for people to not feel alone or compare their lives to anyone else’s, especially in the world of social media where it feels like everybody has a perfect life because that’s all they portray. You just have to have a goal & stay in your lane, dealing with one day at time or it can become overwhelming”.

With passion to use her talent to create connections & help others, Paige Cavell is an example of how immersing yourself in the simple enjoyment of what you pursue can be the key to the door of success. 

Paige Cavell's new EP 'Figure It Out' is out now.

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