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Off Bloom talked to TheBerlinClub about their unexpected route in the music industry, & the bad experiences that have inspired some of their music.

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Interview: Sam // Words: Ollie

“Never give up & be sure to stay true to yourself…”

We speak with Alex Flockhart, Mads Christensen & Mette Mortensen, the trio of producers who make up Danish pop group Off Bloom, who tell us about their path in music so far.

Mette continues, “It sounds like basic bullshit, but it’s right. You need to stand by your values & what you think is correct”.


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Producing music between an apartment in Bethnal Green, London & a studio in Copenhagen, the three had an interesting emergence into the industry. Alex says, “We started making music together about 4 years ago when we were all in very different places. Mette was working as an actress, while me & Mads were writing songs & making beats for other people mainly. We met Mette who came in & helped us to fine tune these songs & that was all we thought it would ever be”.

After around a year of this routine, the trio began to change tack. Alex explains, “We realised we weren’t happy sending songs out to other people because one, it meant so much more to us, & two, we were a band ourselves without ever intending to be anyway”.

Mette adds, “We had written such personal songs about what was going on in our lives. The first song we ever released for example was very close to my heart. It felt like they were ours & therefore we should be the ones to release them”.

This realisation led the group to begin their climb into the industry full time. Alex says,“We started sending our music to certain producers & people we admired in the industry. We sent emails out from an account we had set up as a pretend manager to get noticed. We had some nice feedback from people we respected & that compounded the need to go down the band route”.


The Good, The Bad & The Future. //

When discussing the good & the bad, one thing stirs emotions above all for the triumvirate. “Release day is awesome but always super stressful. Sharing songs you have incubated for maybe a year or more & suddenly letting go for the world to interpret…it can be difficult” says Alex.

“It was an idea in your head & now it belongs to the world. You must let it go so you can move on as it’s a constant process of creating & producing, but it’s still scary” adds Mette.

Alex states, “A lot of the lows are internal, like we had a bad management situation where we had to go through lots of hoops & hurdles. It dragged on for a long time & affected us mentally. You can only take the positives from these situations though, especially in our world, because we can put our negative emotions into something productive, aka the lyrics we wrote at the time”.

In contrast, Mads explains his biggest enjoyment comes from the shows: “We love performing live. It’s something we have grown into. I like our concerts to be organic & free, rather than meticulously planned. It should be an experience for everyone there & being spontaneous is part of that”

Alex agrees, pinpointing a specific high, “Playing in front of 10,000 people in a stadium in Belgium & seeing all the lights from phones shining back at us with the crowd singing our music was pretty rewarding. Being able to create a feeling for others out of something you love to do is a massive achievement in itself”.

Still in their relative infancy as a band, Off Bloom are conservative in their specific plans for what is to come. “Of course we want to be big all over the world, but we just have to take it step by step, write beautiful music that has something to say & success will all come naturally” says Mads.

Continuing, he adds, “Our journey to now has been organic, so we are comfortable just trusting the process. It can be difficult when things don’t go right to let stuff happen naturally, but our journey has been fairly successful & you should not change something that is working”.

Mette compounds this by stating the ethos of the group is simply to “power through, work hard & hope it grows organically”. With a tour complete & an album out in the early part of 2020, her perspective on growth appears to be true.


Epilogue. //

The chat ends with a small piece of advice from Mads: “Just keep on going, never stop. A lot of the time when I find myself sad & not achieving something, I realise it’s because I am either not going for it enough or going for it too hard. You must find the balance”.

After an unexpected fall into the music scene & taking it all in their stride thus far, we shall be keeping an eye on their sure to be impending success in the years to come.

Off Bloom’s new single ‘Are You Feeling It Too?’ is out now

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